November Wine Club Selections



Rabigato, Códega do Larinho, Viosinho, Donzelinho and Gouveio.

Color: Golden, with a slight green tinge to the hue.

Bouquet: This wine’s aromas are still relatively shy, with hints of stone, smoky notes, as well as a citrusy and floral character reminiscent of orange blossoms.

Palate:  A light creaminess with fantastic acidity; a well-balanced, firm and persistent wine. The mineral and saline characteristics of the wine culminate into a long and compelling finish. 

We suggest enjoying this wine now, or within the next three years.

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Syrah, Sciaccarellu and Grenache

Color: Ruby red 

Bouquet: Soft blue fruit with lots of earth. Wine is layered with herbal notes of rosemary and thyme

Palate: Wine is soft and forward, showing pretty plum fruit, pleasant mid body weight, and soft yet firm tannins. 

Wine is to be had now or can stored for five years.

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October Wine Club Selections



Grecchetto and Viognier

Color: Straw yellow and golden

Bouquet: Intense and elegant ranging from floral to tropical, with notes of golden delicious apples

Palate: Big and rich, well balanced with soft wood notes

Drink now or within the next three years


Pinot Noir

Color : Light rose petal

Bouquet: Soft red fruits with light earth tones. Hints of fresh herbs and wild strawberries. 

Palate: Light, tight, and bright. Classic cool climate Pinot Noir. Soft pretty red fruit, light tannins, with a long finish. Very food friendly. 

Drink now or within the next five years

September Wine Club Selections


2017 Mustiguillo "Mestizaje" Blanco - Valencia, Spain

Grape Blend: 75% Merseguera, 20% Viognier, 5% Malvasia

Color: Light gold
Nose: This wine is very aromatic, with layers of white floral and complex citrus notes. Although the Viognier and the Malvasia only make up 25% of the wine’s blend, they contribute heavily to its powerful aromatic structure. The wine does not see any time in oak barrels, however the use of long lees contact during the wine-making process can be detected on the nose.
Mouth: The wine has a rich mouth feel, with the acidity well hidden in the mid-palate, and a slightly dry finish.
Food pairing: The wine is pretty versatile with food, and can easily pair with both late summer and early fall flavors. We suggest a rich, seafood dish, such as scallops.
Ageing: We suggest opening this wine now, however it will continue to drink just well for a few more years.

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2015 Pecchenino "Bricco Ravera" Langhe Nebbiolo - Piedmont, Italy

Color: Brick
Nose: Bright cherry fruit notes, lingering earth tones, with a touch of leather and suede.
Mouth: This wine is high in acidity, with firm tannins supporting it.
Food pairing: Again, this wine has a wide breadth of foods that it would be suitable to pair with. Several options that come to mind are: braised duck, mushroom risotto, or a nice charcuterie board.
Ageing: This wine is young and in need of some more time in bottle. While the label states that it is a Langhe Nebbiolo, the wine is actually a declassified single-vineyard Barolo, and has great aging potential. Because it lacked a year of age in the barrel, requisite to be a Barolo, its structure is a little bit softer and more like Barbaresco. This is a delicious wine that may be enjoyed today, but will only continue to improve with another 5 or 6 years in the cellar.  If you just can’t wait to open it, we strongly suggest that you open the wine and decant it for several hours before serving.

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August Wine Club Selections


2015 Bodega Castro Martin Albariño - as baixas, spain

Color: Straw to light gold
Aromas: Light aromatics, hazel nuts, golden delicious apples, and cedar
Mouth: Mid acidity, medium body, with a creamy texture, and a finish. Tart fruit that lasts long onto the finish, leaving the mouth salivating and wanting more. 
Food pairing: Shrimp off the grill, ceviche, fish tacos, poultry with fresh herbs
Ageing: This wine is well now, and has the ability to go for several more years. We would not suggest holding it for longer than three years.  

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2016 Domaine Combier "Cuvée LaurenT Combier" Crozes-Hermitage - northern rhône, france

Color: Deep purple with a garnet rim
Nose: Lavender, violets, lots of earth, mushrooms, and suede
Mouth: Mid acidity, soft round mid palate, with long, smooth tannins. The wine shows beautiful, concentrated blue fruits, with layers of herbs and spices. This wine is very supple, leaving you longing for another sip.
Food pairing: This wine is very versatile, and can go with lots of different foods, from pork to chicken, as well as more robust red meats.

Ageing: This wine is meant to be enjoyed while it is young. We suggest drinking it this year.

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