Domaine Huet

We are thrilled to have the wines from Domaine Huet back in stock.  We have a powerful thirst for all things Chenin, but this historic estate might be our absolute favorite.    

Widely recognized as one of the most important properties in Vouvray, Domaine Huet was founded in 1928 by Victor Huet, a Parisian bistro owner who relocated to the scenic Loire Valley after returning home from WWI.   He and his wife, Constance, happened upon an idyllic parcel named Le Haut Lieu, perched above the quaint village of Vouvray, and decided the property with its 3 hectares planted to Chenin Blanc was to be their new home.  Victor’s son Gaston, then a teenager, worked with his father in the cellar from the beginning, eventually took over, and continued to grow the domaine and its legacy for the next 55 years (despite being held in a POW camp for five years during WWII).  He even became the mayor of Vouvray in 1947, a title which he held for the following 46 years.   During his time at the helm, he acquired the “Le Clos de Bourg” and “Le Mont” vineyards, arguably some of the best terroirs in the region.    
In 1971, Gaston’s son in law, Noel Pinguet joined him in the cellar and continued to make the wines until retiring in 2012.   Pinguet became an early adopter of biodynamics in the vineyard, and thus increased the consistency and elevated the quality yet another level.  The wines of Domaine Huet are truly special; honing in on the specific character of the vintage in the most pristine and focused way.  Whether sec (dry), demi-sec (off-dry), or molleux (sweet) the wines are impeccably balanced and sure of themselves—exactly what they are supposed to be.  

We have extremely limited quantities of each of these wines.  If they are of interest, please email to secure an order.

2009 Domaine Huet Petillant Reserve Brut - $48
A delicious sparkler made from several of the Huet estate parcels.  

2015 Domaine Huet “Le Haut Lieu” Sec – This is the first vineyard purchased by Victor Huet in 1928.  The vines grow on a high plateau that marks one of the highest points in the appellation and heavy clay soils over limestone produce the showiest wines of the three sites.  The “Sec” style feels perfectly dry without being austere or incomplete.  

2015 Domaine Huet “Le Haut Lieu” Demi-Sec – from the vineyard mentioned above, but in an off-dry style.  The intense acidity is mitigated by a heathy dose of sweetness, yet it never feel heavy or syrupy on the palate.  It’s mouthwatering and honeyed and begs for some soft chèvre and a warm baguette.

2015 Domaine Huet “Le Haut Lieu” Molleux – Molleux literally means “full of marrow” and refers to the textural quality of the wine.  This is sweet, but like the wine above has ample acidity to keep it lively.  This level of sugar from late-harvested grapes changes the feel of the wine on the palate.  It’s both candied and waxy and has and everlasting finishing.  Primal is possibly the best word to describe it.  


Summer 6 Pack

Summer 6 Pack.  6 Wines.  100 Bucks.

Nothing says “welcome summer” like a frosty glass of Rosé. 

Or a Grüner Veltliner Spritz.

Or a lightly chilled bottle of Broc Valdiguie.

Because we care about you and want to provide the best buzz for your buck this summer, we have compiled the perfect mix of affordable wines for summer drinking.   Wine is seasonal just like Frog Hollow peaches and those delicious golden raspberries at the farmers market we’re currently obsessed with -- we are here to help you drink accordingly.  Stash the heavy reds away for a few months and clear out a shelf in the fridge, summer’s comin’ in hot! 

This summer pack includes:

2015 Gobelsburg “Costercien” Rosé

2015 Le P’tit Paysan “Pierre’s Pirouette” Central Coast Rosé

2015 Berger Gruner Veltliner (Liter Bottle)

2015 Oatatu Rioja Alavesa Blanco

2014 Broc Valdiguie Solano County Green Valley

2011 Ofanto Gelso Rosso Aglianco

2014 Joh. Jos. Christoffel Riesling Erdener Treppchen Riesling Kabinett

This spring I had the pleasure of visiting the Mosel for the first time.  I knew I loved Riesling and I knew the vines grow on the steep hillsides along the Mosel, but I had no idea how extreme these conditions actually are until I decided to hike through the Erdener Treppchen vineyard.   It was terrifying.  The vineyards are so steep that I couldn’t walk more than about 10 feet up a vertical row of vines before sliding down back to where I started.  The fragmented slate soils offered no support for my treacherous climb so I opted for the path that zig-zagged its way up the hillside.  The view was incredible and staggering; the whole time I was thinking “This is insanity, why would anyone decide plant grapes here?”   Having just savored the Christoffel wines at the nearby Monchof, I knew exactly why - the wines are exceptional.  

The 2014 Erdener Treppchen Riesling Kabinett is a steal at 30 bucks a bottle.  Much of Christoffel's block comprises 100+ year old, ungrafted vines.  It’s incredible.  The wine is concentrated yet sleek with impressive crystalline fruit backed by hard-core minerality and pulsing acidity - the perfect wine to kick off #SummerOfRiesling.

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