We of the Terroiriste Wine Club seek out wines that are produced using either of two viticultural
practices: Biodynamics or Organic Viticultural {be it “Certified” or simply faithful practicing}. Simple.
Our passion is finding wines that are reflective of their
origin, expressive of the vineyard, the vintage, & the
traditions of the region - wines that are not a commodity, but limited & handmade, wines of great provenance & flavor.

Membership: Two hand-selected wines {usually a red and
a white} for $50 per month, including tax but not shipping*.


  • 10% off ALL wine purchases in our shop
  • 15% off ALL case purchases at any time {mixed or solid}
  • 10% off your check in the restaurant every Wednesday
  • Invitations to our member’s only wine tastings & parties
  • Advanced notice of special events and classes
  • Monthly educational information on each of the wines;
    • Each installment includes tasting notes, regional information & recommended food pairings

You can end your membership at any time

Terroir is a sense of place. The dual drives behind both Biodynamics and organic viticulture are
1) a sense of practicality and respect for the environment that sustains us (let’s stop poisoning our own home and
2) a wish to express the unique character of a given environment.

Given that Soif was founded as a reaction against mass produced wines that could be from anywhere, the Terroiriste Wine Club is an opportunity to further explore an emerging vinous world that represents a return to partnership with rocks, soil and weather.

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