July Wine Club Selections

For the month of July, our Wine Club wine search went north to our neighbor state, Oregon.  Both wines are from the Willamette Valley where Pinot Noir rules, and has put Oregon onto the world-class wine stage, but there’s not a drop of Pinot in these two wines.

The Teutonic Wine Company 2015 Silvaner, David Hill Vineyard

A lesser-known varietal from Germany, Silvaner shares many similar qualities of Riesling, yet it has its own style.  In 2002 when Barnaby Tuttle was struck with a desire to make his own wines similar to those of the Mosel, he sourced a handful of vineyard sites with grapes of German origin.  He found the historic David Hill vineyard, which has a small amount of Silvaner; all dry-farmed vines and all over 40 years old. Barnaby produced less than 100 cases, 10 of which are for our club.  The flavors captured in this white bend from fresh stone fruits to hazelnuts and almonds, initial crisp textures open to a richer palate of apple butter and spiced peaches.  Easily drinkable on its own as a chilled summer wine, this Silvaner would shine with a Caprese or a fresh veggie salad.

Bow + Arrow 2015 Air Guitar

The new wave of winemakers from the north all have a slight irreverence and playful side, and Bow + Arrow is surely in that group.  Husband and wife team Scott & Dana Frank had many years of restaurant and retail experience before their foray into wine making.  Partnered with importer/wholesaler Michael Wheeler, Bow + Arrow sought to make wines that exemplified the Loire Valley with the added spirit of the North West.  Look past the stage lights label and you’ll find this Cabernet blend sumptuous and pleasing.  Its spice-laden nose is dominated by black cherry and cassis aromas, and flavors of sage and black olives join with the lush fruit components to a satisfying ‘air guitar solo’ finale.  Stage dive into your favorite burger with this, or enjoy it with grilled eggplant.