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Spanish Wines with Wine Expert Julie Raynaud

Saturday, April 28th, we will be joined by Spanish wine expert Julie Raynaud for a guided tasting of two Spanish wineries: Espelt Viticultors and Gramona. Julie Raynaud is originally from the south of France; just a three hour drive from the Priorat wine region of Spain. She has been working for Eric Solomon (one of the top US importers of Spanish wines) for over 4 years. 

Espelt Viticultors

espelt winery.jpg
espelt wines.jpg

Situated on the northeastern coast of Catalonia, in the appellation of Empordà, Espelt Viticultors is known for producing wines that are representative of the region's unique terroir. The vineyards of Espelt are located where the Pyrenees meet the sea, resting on soil that is a mixture of sandy granite, limestone and slate. The soil, along with other aspects of the vineyards' environments, results in the production of crisp whites and spicy reds, that are both mineral-driven. The winegrowers of Espelt also employ organic viticulture methods to ensure that their native grape varietals are expressive of their origin. We will be pouring the following wines from Espelt Viticultors: 

2016 Espelt Granacha Blanca

2017 Espelt Coralí

2016 Espelt Granacha Old Vines


gramona elaboracio_02.jpg

The Gramona estate can be found further south, just past Barcelona. The Gramona family has a long history in the Spanish wine industry, stretching back to as far as 1816. Today, they are one of the few family-owned estates left in the Cava region. While Gramona continues to employ traditional wine production methods, they are considered by many to be pioneers in Cava. Unlike most Cava producers who release their wines after nine months in the cellar, Gramona ages their wines for at least thirty months, to as long as twelve years! They are also one of the few wineries in the region to utilize both organic and biodynamic practices in their vineyards. The Gramona family is committed to sustainability, and has even begun using geothermic energy as well as water recycling throughout the estate. We will be tasting the following wines from Gramona: 

2013 Gramona La Cuvée Gran Reserva Brut

2011 Gramona Imperial

The event will take place at 2pm on Saturday, April 28th, in the restaurant section of Soif. The cost of the tasting is $20 for general admission, and free for Soif Wine Club Members. Tickets may be purchased below, or in our wine shop.