January Wine Club Selections


2015 Jean François Mérieau Vouvray Fleuve Blanc, Touraine, France

"Fleuve Blanc" (meaning "white river") is an apt name for Jean François Mérieau's Vouvray - on multiple levels. Dating back to as early as 1886, the Mérieau family has produced a variety of wines along the left-bank of the river Cher. The flinty clay and limestone soils surrounding the riverbank, upon which the Mérieau estate's vineyards lie, lend a strong minerality to the Chenin Blanc that is grown there. On the nose of this Vouvray, aromas of pear skins and chalk are accompanied by hints of vegetal and floral notes. While tart and crisp on the first sip, the Fleuve Blanc soon gives way to a sense of roundness on the mouth. Tasting of green apples and lemons, with notes of green tea on the finish, this mouthwatering wine would pair perfectly with oysters or crab.


2010 Primitivo Quiles "Raspay" Tinto Reserva, Alicante, Spain

When it comes to the wineries of Alicante, there are few whose history within the region can compare to that of Primitivo Quiles. Established in Monovar during the 1920s, the Quiles family’s bodega is one of the oldest in all of Alicante (although the family’s ties to winemaking date back as far as 1780). Primitivo Quiles’ “Raspay” Tinto Reserva has its own impressive backstory as well. In 1976, an earlier vintage of this blend was poured for H. M. King Juan Carlos I of Spain, at a dinner held in honor of his first visit to Alicante. The winery’s continued use of the Raspay’s regal label and bottle presentation are a nod to this historic event. The 2010 Raspay Reserva (100% Monastrell) has aromatics similar to that of a fine port; with notes of dark jammed fruits, raisins, cedar, and spices. Soft and round, this wine has a rich flavor of cherries, caramel, and spices. We recommend enjoying it with a hearty stew or lamb dish.